Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Website to Support Troops!

One of the best ways for service members and their families to deal with separation and the hardships of war are to share their experiences, feelings, and to find support from others who share the common bond. 

There are plenty of blogs out there who support troops and military families.  Some are better than others, but all are great in the sense that the people who made them took the time to show their support of troops and military families.  There are also content rich sites which provide support for troops in other ways, like being able to post pictures, videos, or blog comments. 

I came across a site that states they are looking for OIF/OEF War fighters, family, friends, and military supporters.  Its main focus is on the afor mentioned folks and allows a "stage" for these folks to come together to share their experiences and stories and to find camaraderie with others.  It is similar to a facebook, but different in that this site is specifically made for service members to share on the main topic of military service.  A place for military support.

The site already has a small following of members and has videos for entertainment, some of which are quite funny. 

I like that the site has the benefits of a blog as far as being able to post blogs or forums, but it goes beyond that.  

First of all, members get their own page to customize through many options, like pictures, videos, music, and applications like twitter, status, games and many others.  Members can also create support groups to link together.  One of the coolest features is the chat function. This is very similar to the facebook option.  One can choose to chat with others that are online; this would be great for military members separated from friends and family or for anyone that is separated geographically. 

This site is what it says, "A stage" for folks to share military related experiences.  A place for folks to find others who know what they are going through.  A site specifically made for support, morale, and connection.   And best of all, a way for us to support our troops!

If you would like to see the site made for the war fighter, got to:

Hope you enjoy!


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