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Desidero, Does he Support Troops?

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Good points and concerns. I am a military man and am a Veteran of OEF and OIF. I just recently returned from Iraq. I have always believed that a "pull out" does not do any good, especially when there is a date to achieve it by.

One, to pull out to me means that all the lives sacrificed and service members going to war is all for not. Maybe pessimistic, but we are still w/in enough generations to remember Vietnam. Second, to set a date....ludicrous! If the bad guys are smart, they just lay low and then take over the country when we leave.

I do agree with your point that troops leaving Iraq does not mean a return home. It is pretty obvious that with the recent uprisings (against coalition troops) The Taliban is gaining a foothold again in Afghanistan. It's sad, because we have lost so many lives over there also.

This to me would only serve the new administration in saying "we got out of Iraq". But in essence went back to Afghan. A "slight of hand".

I do believe we need to focus our fight on Afghan AFTER Iraq is complete, but we don't have the manpower to do it before Iraq is complete without detrimental repercussions in Iraq. So, I can see troops being diverted to Afghan. It's a shame. Because I think if we would have focused on Afghan for another year or two around 9/11, we could have won there and then rolled into Iraq (if needed) in '03 and just kicked ass!

We have been spread WAY too thin! Thank the congressional leaders for that. We knew that the middle east was the next hot spot. But the "leaders" said the cold war was over and we did not need such a large standing military or overseas presence, hence BRAC.

We allowed our military to become seriously limited (as far as manpower) by letting our elected officials draw down the military. Where was the support for troops or concern of their ability to fight and win then?

Non existent. We were sitting high on the hog. Thought nothing could touch us, then 9/11.

Don't get me wrong. I uphold my oath to support and defend the constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. To obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over me. But, that does not mean I don't have an opinion.

I and my fellow service members have sacrificed a lot, none more so than those who gave their lives. Let's not hastily pull out to only see the democracy dream we see for Iraq fail. Granted, the war could have been handled differently, but that is the past. Now we need to focus on the win. Do what is needed now. Make the "push" if necessary. Then when the new Iraqi Government is ready, we shift to Afghan.

I have to have faith in my leaders and hope they have our best interest and a winning game plan at heart. We've given so much.

I also wish the media would show troop support

and quite focusing only on the negativity (see this link:

My point? Allow us to win. Don't make a repeat of Vietnam for political reasons. Remember that every life lost and service member coming back handicapped is a HUGE sacrifice. Don't let their sacrifices be in vain.


A Proud Vet

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