Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Support our troops Blog event 21 Mar 2009

The event is being hosted by Mimi at:

Please visit for more details.


  1. Scott ~ Thank you so much for posting about "Support Our Troops" Day event I am hosting. It's been a very long time since I had a friend or a family go to war! I am a "Baby Boomer", so the last war I was really involved in was Viet Nam and the soldiers received nothing back for what they were asked to do, not to mention the friends I lost! I truly appreciate you and everything you have done for our country, beyond words!

    My niece is so young, had a very hard life and was basically given an ultimate, so she chose the Army, as her "mother" insisted she sign and go in. But, Meggie is a very strong young lady and assures me she is fine! I honestly think she having a very hard time adjusting to being at COB Spiechter (sp), but said she will learn to cope with it, as everyone does!

    Thank you again, so much for posting the event and my hat is off to you!

    God Bless you and the USA!


  2. Thanks Mimi,

    Sorry for the delay in a reply, been busy after getting back from Iraq last month and with recent events (see recent blog post).

    I am just doing what hundreds of thousands have done before me...answered the call of duty. Just a simple way for me to "give back" to my country for the gratitude I have of having been born in THE Greatest country ever known to man.

    As far as the Vietnam vets, I sympathize with them all, especially since most were drafted and had no choice. They went and did what the government (I say that because I don't agree with how LBJ handled the war) asked of them.

    They fought hard in a confusing war that many did not know why they were fighting. But, they fought and fought hard. Then they came home to a country that, for the most part, "hated" them. These imbicils never stopped to think that these young men went "against" their will. But they were punished and persecuted by the ignorant public.

    I hate that they never got a heroes welcome and many suffered alone after getting home. They are all heroes to me. Ever since college when I was in ROTC, if I came across a Vietnam Vet, I would say "Welcome home". Just a small gesture from one person, but in many, I saw it meant a lot.

    Times are still similar when it comes to these wars (Iraq/Afghanistan). People are confused on what we are fighting for, and the administration did not help with that. But despite that, the men and women who serve and fight are an ALL volunteer force. Doing what they think is right and I think serving for the same reason I do,as a gesture of "thanks" for having the privelage of being born in the US and answering the calling that only some of us hear.

    My hat is off to your niece, Meggie. Sorry she has had a tough life, but it sounds like she is a fighter and will continue to be strong.

    COB Speicher is a place I have flown into a lot in the C-130. I was stuck there for about 6 hours with a maintenance problem and got to at least visit the chow hall. It was AWESOME and delicious. At least Meggie has that going for her there. It really was top notch, and I have seen plenty of Chow halls during my times deployed, and that one was tops.

    If you get a chance, share with her the following website:

    I think she and her fellow soldiers might like it. I think any supporters of our military will also.

    I piggybacked off of your "Support Our Troops Blog Day" and am hoping to have 5,000 forum remarks of support for our troops by 25 May (Memorial day). Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. "5K by 25 MAY"!

    Thank you Mimi,