Sunday, March 8, 2009

As I Sit Here....

Hey Pals,

I was just enjoying my last day of leave after my recent return from Iraq. Although it has not been the greatest leave, since I have been sick (and still am) during my time off. So most of my time has been in bed.

So anyways, I was thinking about what I and my Squadron friends and their families would like to have during their time of separation to make things "better". And I had to fall back onto a site I recently came across. A Support Site made to support for troops.

The site I came across was . This site was made by a fellow supporter and veteran to give veterans, supporters, friends and family a "stage" to share their experiences, their thoughts, worries, triumphs, and stories. To be able to share it, and just not in conversation, but to share it with others who can give advice and support. Others who feel the same way they do.

I have always been taught that the best way to learn how to do something or succeed at something is to go to someone who has been there. Your neighbor who knows no one in the military is probably not the best place to go to. So where do you go to find a Support our Troops site which will give you what you need? Camaraderie, friendship, understanding, comfort?

Well Is an avenue for you. Sometimes we need more than neighbors, friends, etc. New people to bounce our worries and concerns off of.
Feeling alone is the worst. But when you can find others who feel or have felt the same way, you build a bond with them and give/get support.

Do you want to meet fellow folks who support troops, have veterans in the fight, and just want to help each other get through the separation?

well, then visit the site. Here is where your friends are. Here is where others who have a similar bond reside.

You have found a place that cares. One pulling similar folks together. A place offering assistance to all through community.

You will find enetertainment, and if you join for free, you can post videos, pictures Blogs, and comments

Join and you can get answers or support through others.

The Troop support site is

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